Ausia Battle Training

We have an ausia training event on Friday and we want you all to try and come! We haven’t held much events at this time in recent months so we need to pick up from where we left off and get these times under our belt once again. Never be too reliant on us hosting events at a set time because cpa works in many different ways so we need to keep training at all these different times to strengthen all areas!

Friday 16th April


2:00 PM BST

9:00 AM EST

8:00 AM CST

7:00 AM MST

6:00 AM PST

5:00 PM GST

6:30 PM IST

1:00 AM NZ

4:00 PM AST

Make sure you’re all there! Rewards will be given to all those who attend.

One Response

  1. Everyone better be there!!!!

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