SWAT Staff Competition

On February 17th, SWAT held a staff recruiting competition. Throughout the competition, the staff was separated into two groups, and Leaders in TrainingGrace, and Camotes, were in charge of their teams. The winners were announced today and received a unique medal on SWAT webpage and a special recruiting role of their own choice. Read more to see who won the competition and what happened!

Team 1 & Team 2

Within the past few weeks, both teams were working extremely hard. Both teams were extremely motivated and although it was a close competition, it came down to only a few people who were able to win. Since both teams were doing such an astounding job the, SWAT Leaders, decided to rather reward those who recruited the most out of 26 people. 


Here are the list of people who won the competion!

Krill 300#4617

Once again, congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to all the staff who participated! This was a blast and most certainly a memorable competition.

Ganger, Mare, Coolguy, Kaliee, Firestar08, Legoman, Susej

SWAT Leaders

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