10/5 Training Event – New Rooms!

Great way to kick off this October season with a training event in NEW ROOM UPDATES! Check it out!

Max: 25

Docks – No changes to the room but shoutout to our leaders Aubz, Kaliee and Mare on their birthdays this week!!!

Snow Forts – The forts ground was cleared and SWAT is spray painted on the side along with Ganger90 and Kaliee. This is definitely one of our favorites!

Side Note: The SWAT Discord server has gained 200K members!

Inside Mine – Another favorite has our leader, Stare3000, posted straight across the wall in the mine. It is quite dark but SWAT isn’t afraid of the dark.

Lighthouse – RIP the stage and seating here but it was a great place to practice formations.

Iceberg – Do you notice a change here? Besides Zuke’s name printed in the top right, the Iceberg is BIGGER (or zoomed in). This blank canvas gave SWAT a chance to try letter formations.

There are many other rooms we didn’t get to cover but can’t wait to share them once we’re there. SWAT has a surprise practice battle with a mystery army soon. Who can it be? Keep an eye out!


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