It’s been a while my friends but I’d just like to say, I like what I see.

When I decided to go move in w the OG’s over on retirement island make no mistake, I did not forget about you guys. So I apologize if any of you may have hit me up on discord over the last few months I just haven’t opened the app again until today. (650 notifications shit had my had spinning for a second) I’ve been very busy recently but I’ve also been skimming through the site and I’m happy to say what you guys have been accomplishing all summer is amazing. When I decided to merge this army into DCP it was honestly a huge mistake, a lot of potential was wasted because I simply did not see a way out of CPO’s closure, but luckily for you guys my good friend and brother Ganger saw past what I could not, and he, along with all of you dedicated soldiers made it work. People like Kaliee, Sammie, Coolguy, & many others never stopped believing that this army could keep going and continue to dominate, and for that I am grateful. 

I see land being taken on the map, I see consistency, I see dedication & hard work from every division, and that is all I ever wanted for SWAT. What I envisioned SWAT to be when I took it back from Zuke has finally come true. We took the long road to get here, but we did nonetheless, and I want you guys to keep pushing, to keep getting better because that’s what SWAT does, and there’s no other army out there who can do it better. Try to prove me wrong.

So from me and all the others on the island, keep unleashing hell on em’, we are truly proud.

PS: Jus do me one favor, go retake control of Mammoth cus I hate seeing those goofey green mofos from my vacation penthouse on Ski Hill running around like they ever owned the place

~Badboy, SWAT Godfather

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