Training Event – SUCCESS!

Hello SWAT!

Today, we logged on to the new Club Penguin Private Server known as for a training session, which unfortunately ended early because someone decided to try out a tactic that crashed the game! No matter, because we still had fun with good size – one of our highest this generation. Our new leadership & high command (ownership) is really shaping up with many new additions such as Haley 1.0, Haley 2.0, Lydia, Sophie, Sammi, Teaska, Blaze, and of course many more – especially the ones who have been here from the beginning. This generation is really starting to shape up & is doing extremely well. I’m proud of you.

Max: 25

commander names


E9 upside down v


major soon

Paint it black

teaska for sm legend

word tactic

Comment if you attended!


~Sweater, SWAT Leader & Legend

2 Responses

  1. ayyy 😀

  2. let’s go

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