Teaska Joins SWAT

What’s good SWAT. Today it will be announced that I, Teaska, will be joining SWAT as the newest commander. To be honest with you I was very surprised that Sweater even brought up this option up to me, I was not expecting this at all. If you don’t know who I am I have created Royals of CP and I was a leader until it shut down recently. I first joined armies in December of 2018 with the Pirates and I was a troop for them for about 3 months until I decided with some friends I would create the Royals. I have led Royals for quite some time and I have been in and out of leadership on a couple of occasions. Even sometime in May I led the Shadow Troops for 2 weeks until I decided to leave. I have been a SWAT troop ever since they have joined CPO and I really enjoyed going to the events and the army itself so when I was offered this position I really couldn’t refuse. With that being said I will do my absolute best to lead SWAT as I have leading experience and will strive to be one of SWAT’s greatest. I look forward to being a leader here and being more close to the SWAT family.

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