Legends Cup: Round One [RESULTS]

Hello SWAT!

Today we logged on Slushy to absolutely destroy the Golden Troops in the first round of the Legends Cup. It was a complete and total demolishing, winning all three rooms with ease. Despite our lowest maximum size yet, the Golden Troops were still no match for our superior tactics and formations switches – and for that I can easily say I am proud of the SWAT Commanders (Sophy Bee & xFastx) for their contributions this generation so far, as I know this is only the beginning for these gifted individuals. I am excited to see where they will be heading next – as should you be. 

For this battle, we only maxed 20 but that’s okay! It’s a no allies tournament, so 20 isn’t so bad, especially considering the beating we gave the Golden Troops in every single room.

Read on for pictures of the tournament battle!





All in all, I am very proud of the SWAT Troops and Commanders for this battle – as it was by no means easy. The pace of the tactics were incredibly quick, and for newer troops to keep up is absolutely amazing. We’ve shown that not only can we perform during trainings, but in the biggest tournament of the year. Good job SWAT.

~Sweater, SWAT Advisor & Legend

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