SWAT Training Event – June 1st


Today saw our first training event as an official army, and boy was it fun! We thought we’d mix things up and do some none traditional rooms (using docks, blank room and box dimension) and the leaders and owners really stepped up to the plate, coming up with some creative tactics to complement the fun rooms. These tactics really reminded me why we brought back SWAT, because as a smaller community we can bring up and create new jokes with ease. With a max of 22 (as shown in the picture below XD) we had an amazing time while training for future battles which will soon be announced…

Today’s event even saw some celebration tactics, not only for pride month (peep the SWAT Server’s new pride icon), but also for our newest Second in Command, Hiroyuki, who after leaving the last generation as 4ic has proved time and time again that he is one of SWAT’s most dedicated troops.

Thank you to all the SWAT and allied agents who attended today’s event, and lets keep this community as friendly and fun as possible, because that more than anything is what makes me proud to be one of your commanders!


-Sophy Bee (SWAT Supreme Commander)

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