Unscheduled Retirement Party, A Farewell To Izzy

Hello, SWAT

Today we held a retirement event for one of the best Leader-In-Trainings’ that SWAT has ever had; Izzy. Izzy has been with us since the opening of the Code Red / Unchained generation, making her one of the longest standing troops that we still had from the other discord. This is no small feat, the amount of work Izzy has put into SWAT has not gone unnoticed, and I am pleased to not only call her a troop under my leadership, but a personal best friend of mine for over 2 years now. You’ll be missed in not only SWAT, but on a personal level. We love you. 

Enough of the sappiness. For this event we maxed 25 and averaged 20. For our first event EVER on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, this is an amazing result (and an unscheduled one too) I am so proud of us all.

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RIP Club Penguin Online

On Friday 15th May, the biggest Club Penguin Private Server, named “Club Penguin Online” has been shut down. This is a sad time for avid Club Penguin players, and for many armies who operated under this Private Server. However, not all is lost, and armies will continue. I will explain more here.

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Unscheduled Training Event – Results

Hello SWAT!

Today we decided to hold an unscheduled event with a few members of our allied armies: The Elites and The Royal Family. The event, initially ran by commanders Badboy and Sweater, quickly became a U-lead event, with leaders, owners and members alike thinking up fun and creative tactics which put a smile on everyone’s faces and, from the sounds of the voice chat, caused quite a few laughs as well! We managed to max around 35, which was an amazing feeling especially when the tactics hit just right, which happened on many occasions. It was a really amazing event and I want to thank everyone who took the time to attend. Despite all going on in the world of CPO, I want to say that the event today reminded me what it was to be a part of SWAT, and proud of everyone for the time and dedication they put in to making this army one of the best.

Thank you all for making SWAT what it is: an amazing army and an amazing group of friends!

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Invasion Of Fjord – RESULTS!

Bad Edit: We did great, but unfortunately we fell short today. Because unlike IW, I can give credit where credit is due. If this battle were the other way around, Drew would’ve flooding my pms rn raging that he won lol but yo I’m extremely proud we even put up a fight because IW caught us by surprise. This was supposed to be an easy invasion of an army who maxes 3 but instead IW defended it for them just to spite me and annoy us like their weirdo snails army. But anyways, like I said I’m extremely proud and if we can contend with IW’s surprise attack with no preparation that tells me one thing and one thing only. Taking Mammoth finna be breezeeeee Can’t wait, gj today fam !


Today we logged on to FJORD to battle the Squires army for their land. However one hour before the battle, Ice Warriors announced that they would be joining the fight, and that’s alright with us – a battle is a battle, we do not fear those blue fairies. In the end, we successfully beat the Squires but we lost to the Ice Warriors, ultimately losing the invasion and the battle. Fjord will be taken at a later time, so be ready.

For this battle we maxed 40+ and averaged 20 in battle rooms.


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