SWAT’s Return Event – May 30th

After merging with DCP earlier this month, SWAT’s creator Ganger90, alongside SWAT Legend Sweater, recieved multiple messages upset with the decision. Together xFastx, Sophy Bee and Iz, decided it wasn’t time to let the SWAT family fall apart, and decided to bring SWAT back with a renewed passion for one of the greatest armies CPAL has ever seen. This new SWAT is focused on community, solidarity and family, and today’s return event shows just how big our family is.

Hello SWAT!

Today marks one of the best days I’ve probably ever had in armies. For the third time since early April, SWAT has reopened, but hopefully this time it will be for good. Our event on Mammoth was attended by both new and old SWAT agents, as well as some allied leaders. We maxed an amazing 30 agents! The tactics were largely focused around SWAT’s return, but the inclusion of some inside jokes really reminded me of what an amazing family SWAT is, and made me so hopeful for things to come.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to the SWAT high command who massively stepped up for the event, with Sammi and Sophie keeping the voice chat going and Daya, Moani, Coolguy, Tech, Hiroyuki and many others hyping up the chat and doing tactics of their own. And of course we wouldn’t even be here without Sweater and Ganger90, so THANK YOU!

And to all the agents and allies who attended, you are all amazing. You really make SWAT a wonderful place to be in, and I cant wait to see where we go from here ❤

Today’s event was so amazing, and the future of SWAT is looking bright!

Bleed black!

– Sophy Bee, xFastx and Iz

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