It’s Been A Minute…

First of all, SWAT will not be closing – and everything will still be running as normal, although there will be some leadership changes and we are looking for people to step up – I was just made aware of the situation that was going on. I have ALWAYS wanted SWAT to continue as an army even with the leaders of the past gone.

It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote a post on here, but I feel that I needed to today in order to give everybody a heads up on everything that’s going on right now. As you can see above, SWAT is not closing and I look forward for SWAT’s new generation to continue with the progress they’ve already had and due to many changes in our higher ranks, we will need new people to really step up and make a difference. I will be around as much as I can be considering the responsibilities I have right now, advising and helping to find the best fit group of people to lead the army we all love. My intentions for SWAT were for it to continue as long as it can even if I’m not the one leading it, I want to see the new generation be successful and carry the name in SWAT’s honor.

SWAT Forever /Ganger90\

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