Good day SWAT. It’s Izzy/Ana/TheEmoLatina here, writing. As you can tell by the title of this post, I’m retiring from armies. First of all, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting SWAT and all of the leaders. It’s been such a wild ride and I’m glad that you guys were part of it. I’ve made so many good memories with everyone and have had so much fun. I met so many wonderful people and reconnected with some old friends that I thought I will never see again. Thank you guys for making this such an amazing time of my life and I can’t express this enough that I care for each and every single person I’ve come across in the CPA community. I’d suggest you get comfortable, grab something to snack on because this will be kinda long. This post will include:

  • Brief Introduction
  • Retirement
  • Armies
  • Conclusion
  • Honorable mentions

Hello! My name is Ana. Some of you may know me as TheEmoLatina23, Pickle Girl (I can explain), or Izzy. Let me make this kinda lighthearted before we get into some history and sappy stuff. The name TheEmoLatina23 came from my “edgy” angsty teen era, where I used to listen to My Chemical Romance nonstop. Back in 2017, my friends nicknamed me “Pickle Grill” after my meme profile picture, and it’s stuck to me ever since. In 2019, I decided to rebrand my username and leave behind my “quirky” username in exchange for Izzy, which is what most people call me nowadays.


Club Penguin Crew Army Discord server, when I was branded as the Pickle Girl.

Now, you may be wondering why I am retiring. Well, my fellow reader, the reason I am retiring is simple. I believe it is time for me to close this chapter of my story, and begin a new one. Soon, I’ll be busier than ever, as school gets harder by the day and I’ll have to make some important decisions that will impact my life, focusing on the task at hand and try to move forward.I’ve been in club penguin armies actively for almost three years, with constant interaction in the community. 

The fact I have kept in contact with so many wonderful people and recently reconnected with some old friends who I haven’t seen in years blows my mind. I have had so many good memories in this community, I’m awestruck. From funny messages to wholesome voice chats to more serious ones. I’ve seen many people come and go, grow up and mature. People who came back and changed for the better. I’m so thankful for being surrounded by people who love me and can rely on them. I cherish each and every friendship I have ever made on this website and community.



Iconic Mr. WorldWide Pitbull Moments ❤

 As the years have gone by, I’ve created a family on this platform, creating amazing memories each day. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but it’s better to look at the positive side of things. Sometimes things may not work out but you should never give up. My loving r/Rozzo family, my wonderful children from SWAT, my darlings from every server, I love you guys so much, and I just want to let you know that I’m here for you guys if you ever need me, from helping with homework to emotional support. I will be there for you guys.

 I first started in late 2017, on Club Penguin Rewritten, in the Club Penguin Crew Army (CPC) with Thomas83514 as a Leader. I didn’t really know much about armies since I was basically inactive back in the original Club Penguin. This is where I met most of my close friends. By the end of 2017, Thomas retired and Security took up his spot as Leader with Arureadindis and Conor as his Co-Owners. This is when things go downhill with CPC. In January 2018, CPC was slowly deteriorating. The army was falling apart, as most of the recruits fled to Romans, UMA, and DKE. Around this time, a server named Ravens was created, which its purpose was to make it an army but it ended up being a hangout server. February came up and CPC no longer existed. Events that used to max 25, were now maxing 5 on good days. There were barely any recruits, so CPC closed its doors. At this moment, I was occasionally attending events in UMA, DKE, Romans, and RPF. I didn’t know where to really go since all of my friends were in different armies, in which I settled down on Romans, till it’s closure.


December 2017 | Club Penguin Crew Army| Training Event  (from left to right: TheEmoLatina,thomas83514, DdkokoYT, SavCob, cheaphub45, ShawnBread, Agent Rocky, NIGHTSLAYER, BigXing, Arureadindis, CrazyThunder, Coco)

Fast forward to 2019. I moved from Club Penguin Rewritten to Club Penguin Online. I had used the platform previously but recently discovered that there were armies there. I soon joined an army called Royal Family of Club Penguin (RFOCP) which at that time it was extremely new. I was greeted with open arms and went straight into recruiting. I watched Royals grow and become such a nice and committed army. As this was going on, I was occasionally helping Templars and Elite Guardians of CP (EGCP) with events. Moving towards June, I decided to take a break from armies for a few weeks, then later returning to help recruit and join events on RFOCP, HF, CG, and Doritos. I made so many fun memories in these armies, especially the Royals and EGCP. On EGCP, the language barrier didn’t really affect me that much but we would have fun encounters with words and their different meanings. (The Veno fiasco @Cookky).


March 31st, 2020 |Spanish Server: Polar | Royals

2020 was a HUGE year for armies, even though we’re halfway through it. I started the year in the Royals, having so much fun with the games before the training events, and the inside jokes that were created. The Royals were getting bigger and better with events, tactics on point, active people, and daily recruiting, they made it into March Madness, battling with Aliens and winning 2 rooms and tying the other 2 rooms. This is when I reconnected with Conor (Sweater). He reached out to me after the battle with Aliens, catching up after not seeing him for more than a year. During our conversation, SWAT came up and he invited me. I still wasn’t sure so I told him I would consider it. A few days passed since Conor invited me to SWAT. Jaylen (Darklink), who was a leader at that time, offered me Third in Command, in which I accepted. I soon found out that SWAT was going to be a fun place. It was amazing, as we maxed huge numbers! We were maxing 60+ on events that were shocking in such a short period. As this was happening, people were feeling uncomfortable as the general chat got extremely toxic. Stuff happened, a new SWAT was created under great leaders, and the rest is history.


April 12th, 2020 | Defense of Permafrost | SWAT | We maxed over 100+

As I was writing this post, I thought about everything that has happened these past years. It’s been such a wild ride, but it’s now time for me to go and retire. The people that I have encountered, have been nothing more than kind to me. Such strong bonds made in so little time, it’s mind-blowing. I may not be participating in army events, but I will still be on the discord servers chatting it up with everyone, keeping an eye on my darlings. I feel really loved by the community and am so thankful for it. You guys really make me happy and give me a reason to smile. I hope you guys stay true to yourselves and stand up for your beliefs. Like I said at the beginning of my post, if you guys need absolutely ANYTHING, whether it is homework, advice, someone to vent on, I’m here. 



May 16th, 2020 | Izzy’s Retirement Event | SWAT

Now. For the moment you have all been waiting for…. (drumroll please). I present to you, the Honorable Mentions. Of course, we would be sitting here for eternity if I start listing every single person I’ve come across in this community, but I’d like to mention the people who have had a great impact on my path:

  • SophyBee (SWAT) | 2020
  • noa (DW) | 2020
  • tsanami (CG) | 2019
  • sc2 (SWAT) | 2020
  • Mythic (Elites) |2019
  • Erika (Royals) |2019
  • Aubz (1D) | 2020
  • Badboy (SWAT) | 2020
  • Flame Tobias (CPC) | 2017
  • Xing (Templars & others) | 2017
  • DecoratorTax8 (CPC) | 2017
  • Starvsblack2 (RPF) | 2018
  • Thomas83514 (CPC) | 2017
  • Ryan (CPC) | 2017
  • DramaAlert (CPC) | 2017
  • xfastx (SWAT) | 2020
  • Sweater (SWAT) | 2018
  • Zeke (UMA) | 2017
  • Yuli (Romans) | 2018
  • FreeCandy4U (CPC) | 2017
  • Arureadindis (CPC) | 2017
  • FabGirl (CPC) | 2017
  • Eden (WN) | 2018
  • BloodPanther (Romans) |2018
  • Cookky2 (EGCP) | 2018
  • Edu14463 (EGCP) | 2018
  • Sava346 (DKE) | 2017
  • SavageCobra (DKE) |2017

Badboy: Darling, I haven’t known you for that long but I’d like to say that I really appreciate what you have done for me and hope you realize that I care about you. Remember that you’re low-key cute and that I love you. (Like a sibling, please don’t catch a case)


Our first EH ❤

Xing: Ping you have been there with me since 2017 in CPC and I’d just like to say that you’re a good person. We aren’t that close as we used to be back in 2018. I hope you stay true to yourself alright? And don’t cause that much of a ruckus. I hope we can become close once again.

DecoratorTax8: Thank you so much for being there for me, with my past relationships, and being such a good friend of mine. I wish we could talk more often, but lately, you’ve been busy. I hope you’re doing okay my child.

Flame Tobias: Hey I haven’t heard from you in a bit. I hope you’re doing good in college. Thank you for putting up with me back in the day when I was extremely immature and annoying. I basically grew up talking with you about EVERYTHING up till last year. I hope to catch up with you soon. Take care Pobias.

Starvsblack2: Pika!! Hiya, sorry I haven’t talked to you in a bit. I’d just like to say that you’re such a wonderful person. The amount of kindness you have inside of you is insane. Warm hugs sent your way darling.



2018 Chillzone Server

Zeke: Hi zeke! I haven’t seen you in a hot minute. I hope you’re doing well and regulating your time playing Fifa. Thank you so much for making me laugh since 2017. Ilysm Peke.

Thomas83514: Pomas the tank engine. I’ve known you since 2017 thanks to CPC. You were such a great leader and you helped and shape me to be the way I am in leading and tactics. Stay Frosty Pomas!

Mythic: Bestie!!! I hope you’re doing well and I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. Keep up the good work, alright? Please take care of yourself, and SLEEP! Also Mythic’s Cooking Show season 2 when?

Sweater: Hey, I never thought I would be writing my retirement post. It’s been almost 3 years my guy. I’ve known you for such a long time. I know we’ve had our differences and our fights in the past, but I forgave you a long time ago. I am so happy to see how far you’ve come to Conor, I’m so glad I was able to reconnect with after half a year of not talking. You’re doing so well. Keep going!


xfastx: Hiya! I haven’t known you for that long but boy it feels like it’s been ages. You’re doing so well and I hope you become a leader haha. Thank you for being there with me and for putting up with my hideous singing. I am really proud to be able to call you a friend, and someone I can count on.

BloodPanther: My British lad. Ello brit, surprise surprise! You’re here haha. I’d just like to tell you how much of an amazing friend you are. Even though I never really express it, I care about you ALOT. Don’t you ever think you’re not good enough my lad. Please remember that.

Cookky2: Eyebrow god. That’s it. Just eyebrow god. Kidding! I love you so much and am really proud of you. You’re doing great darling!! Thank you for being there for me and for being my therapist. P.S: I’m stealing your dog.


Eden: Irishman, I know we aren’t that close but I care about you a lot. You’re one of the few people that I can rely on and feel safe around. You put up with my childishness, which is a huge achievement, props to you. I hope we can become close and keep in touch. Remember to relax and not irishly breathe.

Edu14463: Dudus baby!! I’m so freaking proud of you. You’re the most heartwarming, hard-working, brilliant, and caring person that I know. I’m so glad I met you. Thank you so much for making me believe in myself and encourage me to do stuff. Thank you for the times we’ve shared throughout our years, even though we recently became close. Thank you for making me smile and giggle. You have no idea how you brighten my day even with good morning texts. I love you so much Dudus, you have no idea.

Sava346: We meet again partner. Ahh, I am speechless right now, you have no idea. I have so much to say but I can’t really put it on words. Sava, you’ve been with me through hell and back, and you’re one of the few people I can cry with, smile, be serious, and angry. You’re my best friend man. I care for you so freaking much. Thank you for being with me through everything, thank you for consoling me, thank you for being that friend who is always there for me. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, how you changed for the better. Thank you for making me smile when I need to, with our silly stuff. So much has happened between us, and it all started with Death of A Bachelor. Imagine! Please remember that you’re enough and no other person can bring you down. You deserve so much more than you give yourself credit for. You deserve someone to not just love you, but also value you. You deserve someone to cry on and to share your insecurities with. Don’t let some dumb person tell you you’re not enough, because they’re wrong. Please remember that I’m here for you, for anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4am my time, I will wake up and answer you. I love you. I’m the jelly and you’re the peanut butter. (reference). Hmu whenever someone is making you feel bad because I WILL MACHO FIGHT THEM (like I did with Njoeh 1). I love you so much Sheep!


SavageCobra: Oh man, where to begin. You probably know this that throughout this whole retirement post I’ve been crying. You’re like the brother I never had. We met up in 2017 and we started out great, fighting over you posting an inappropriate picture in general on CPC. We later took off on 2018 bickering over people we knew IRL. The fact that I’ve known you for so long and stuck with you, texting you almost on a daily basis for almost 3 years now. We’ve shared so many good memories and stories and it makes me so incredibly grateful for our friendship. I’ve cried in front of you countless times, you’ve seen a part of me I don’t let people usually see. Cobra I’m so sorry for the times I’ve been mad at you for something silly, for the times I blocked you and made you feel bad. Even though I say I hate you a lot, or I’m done with you, You’ve done so much for me. You mean the world to me. Thank you so freaking much for coping with my emotional self. You’re the only person I turn to whenever there’s some sort of uneasiness within me or if something is wrong. You practically know my whole life story and it feels like we’ve known each other since forever.  I’m genuinely happy you consider me your friend. You’re one of the reasons I’m still here y’know? You’ve played such a big role in my life even though we don’t know each other IRL. I love you so much Cobra you have no idea. 


And that’s it, folks. I’ll be adding some fun images that I’ve gathered throughout my years in the community. I love you guys so much. This is TheEmoLatina23/Izzy/Ana signing off. I love you guys so much!






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