RIP Club Penguin Online

On Friday 15th May, the biggest Club Penguin Private Server, named “Club Penguin Online” has been shut down. This is a sad time for avid Club Penguin players, and for many armies who operated under this Private Server. However, not all is lost, and armies will continue. I will explain more here.

After the unfortunate closing of CPOnline, many of you will be wondering about the future of SWAT, and I am here to tell you that yes, SWAT will be continuing on Club Penguin Armies: The Game. You are also free to now recruit on any Club Penguin Private Server, before the inevitable shut down of them all. However, if you choose to recruit, you must use an alternate account that you are ok with losing, because unlike CPOnline, you will be banned.

Regarding Club Penguin Armies: The Game; you need to register an account and you can do so by following this link: (note: when asked to check your email for confirmation just ignore it, you just have to refresh your browser and you’re good to go!) – your name will also be something along the lines of P9084 until an administrator approves your name, which will happen pretty quickly.

We have our own uniform on this CPPS, which is free to get by typing into the chat bar !army SWAT – please note that the RED uniform is no longer obtainable, as those were only CPO items.

Hell Will Be Unleashed!

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