Hello SWAT!

Tonight we invaded Glacier, had some cheap knockoff fake IW’s raid us in snail constumes and do joke bombs on us the entire time so we couldn’t really do any tactics. We secured Glacier within the first 5 minutes so I just figured I’d entertain the clowns for the next 25 minutes because I’m bored and my troops wanted to mess with them too so we had a nice little battle for a bit but like IW their strategy bores me and just goes to show how puny IW & anyone who associates with them really is. We will destroy them easily. Tonight was a bit slow for us, don’t really mind the small sizes for right now we got a lot of events lined up for this week so each one ain’t gonna be crazy, but lets keep recruiting & get our AUSIA division strong because we are capable of a lot more.

~Badboy, SWAT Commander

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