The Empire Expansion

Alright so let me just start the post with a little disclaimer for other CPO army leaders: Grow a pair.

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So listen up kiddos, I don’t care if you’re a S/M army or if Andrew24 is “going through shit”, or whatever your ridiculous excuse may be. SWAT troops want to have fun on this game just as much as you and your troops. And that means we want a fair chance to participate and take land on the map just as much as your army does. However, it’s impossible when every time I schedule an invasion of literally ANY server the army who I’m invading runs on CPOAL server transfer channel and gives it to IW, DCP or DW. DCP & DW are close with us, I’m not invading them. IW is a ticking time bomb their demise will come sooner than later. But armies with the bigger servers & bigger amount of servers are still averaging way more than us and while we’re doing great, SWAT isn’t quite there yet. I need to have a shot of taking land without having to get malled by armies considerably bigger than us in order to do it. If I schedule to invade you, I don’t care how big or small you are, show up to defend or forfeit the server, because if it were the other way around 9 times outta 10 your army would show no mercy to mine. I couldn’t even get my capital traded back to me for multiple servers what a joke, but we all know who’s going to pay for that. My point is, stop being soft and taking the easy way out. Idk what rainbow fairy league Andrew was running with yall dancing around in circles having troops battle themselves with Zuke but I’ll tell you this, SWAT will become a world power again and we will take what we want from who we want when we want, while practicing the ACTUAL tradition of WARFARE in this game. I will literally schedule invasions in the CPOAL discord one after the other if I have to, cancelling the one before of the server you transfer to avoid us until only DCP has servers, and if that’s what you want and if that’s what you think is better for the game and your troops then just letting SWAT get some land, then I really feel bad for you.

SWAT will be expanding their empire whether you goons like it or not. The first wave of our expansion will look like this:





More invasions will be coming up this weekend, so stay posted for updates on that next Friday. I’m also officially making Husky our new Co-Capital. I know I said I’d try and get Outback traded back to us, being that its our OG co-capital, but DW doesn’t seem like they will take the deal so they can have it its whatever. Mammoth is what I really want and if we can get Mammoth and keep Husky as our co-cap under it, that’s a double L for IW, DW gets to keep Outback, everybody’s happy, well almost everybody lmao. Our current Empire looks like this:


Co-Capital – Husky 


We WILL take Mammoth back, I promise you that. But for now, lets focus on our next four upcoming invasions and make sure we are prepared for anything that can interfere with our empire expansion. I expect huge turnouts at all of these events. Remember our next goal is to hit 60+, and if we do promotions & giveaways will be handed out. Lights will also be doing a huge nitro giveaway contest if and when we hit 75+. But we got a lot of work to do until then SWAT, so lets keep recruiting & prepare for our first invasion tomorrow at our war training. I will not be in attendance for this event, it is the only one I will miss this week. I apologize in advance, but I work for a living and need to take care of my responsibilities as a person before an army leader. However, we are in good hands as the rest of your commanders should be on to lead the event. I expect each & every one of you helping them recruit and hype before battle. I know we can get good sizes, even on a Monday. Lets get down to business SWAT.

~Badboy, SWAT Legend & Commander

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