Hell Will Be Unleashed

Hello SWAT Soldiers!

I’m Vo Yo, your newest leader. I’m mostly known for my work in OG CP Armies. I led armies such as the Dark Warriors and RPF. In fact, under my leadership, DW was led to 100+ back in OG CP Armies, which was essentially unheard of at the time.

Dark Warriors under my leadership in 2014

I’ve decided to return due to my boredom and I’m ready to bring SWAT to sizes never seen before in CPA history alongside Badboy and the rest of this talented leadership.

I’ve led with Badboy before, and we’re both ready to take this generation of SWAT to the top. I’ve heard amazing things about all of the people who are working in SWAT right now and I’m beyond excited.

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

-Vo Yo, SWAT Commander

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