Hello SWAT!

Today we logged on to invade free land server Husky, which is now ours! No one showed up to try and battle us for it, because obviously they would have been destroyed in doing so. I just want to say I’m so proud of all the hard work my co-leaders and owners have been doing getting everyone to the new discord and recruiting new soldiers into the army, working countless hours on discord & CPO greeting and helping new recruits become acquainted with us. So because of that, I will be giving three special shoutouts at the end of every week on a results post for our events on either a Friday or Saturday. I will outline three soldiers who did extra work to go above & beyond to help keep SWAT growing during that week. This will start today. You can read more and see at the end of the post if you were selected! I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, I preach enough. Great job today SWAT! 🙂

SWAT hit a max size of 45+ soldiers at this invasion.

Soldiers of the week:

1. Daya – Daya is probably THE single most quickest learner I have ever met besides myself in my 6+ years of being in armies. She was recruited just literally three weeks ago, and she has by far exceeded standards for any troop let alone a recruit. Her hard work & dedication will not go unnoticed. That’s why Daya is your soldier of the week. Congratulations Daya!

2. xFastx – Just because you are an owner or high ranking official in the SWAT army, does not mean you can not be selected for this great honor. Fast is by far one of our best recruiters here, making sure that each and every recruit knows where and when to read our schedule and what they need to know for the next battle. He didn’t meet the standard to be SWAT’s #1 soldier this week, but it sure was a close decision. Still, his work and dedication to this army show that not only this week, but every day, he will do all he can to keep us the best. Keep up the great work Fast!

3. Hiroyuki – Hiroyuki is also fairly new to SWAT, land like Daya, he has quickly caught on to how the game works and what ways to successfully introduce soldiers and keep recruits in the army. He, I think, is our #1 greeter on discord, always welcoming new recruits helping them find their way to our site and getting them prepared for our next event. Although he wasn’t chose as our #1 soldier this week, his amazing work day in & day out, will help keep this army the best. I appreciate your dedication to this army, Hiro. (salute)

Well there you have it! Congratulations to Daya on being our soldier of the week. If you weren’t selected this week, don’t worry! Your work will not be overlooked. Keep up the great work, and next week it could be you! And remember, tomorrow is our huge weekend U-Lead event where you, the troops, will lead tactics, pick formations and control what we do as an army. Promotions & coins & nitro boosts will ALL be given out for those who attend if we hit 60+. Lets make it happen SWAT.

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

~Badboy, SWAT Commander & Legend

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  1. Fun Event! We are growing and becoming better ❤

  2. Danny d5nny

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