Unscheduled AUSIA Training – RESULTS!

Bad Edit: Jus gonna drop a lil pic below for Zuke and everyone else so we can debunk all the controversy shall we here ya go ya mooks

Officially official amiright

Hello SWAT!

Today we witnessed our creator and first leader Ganger90 join the new server! To celebrate, we decided to hold an unscheduled AUSIA event at 2:30 AM EST and we did extremely well. I think it’s safe to say we made Ganger proud, and showed him that this is SWAT. Good job today, and anyone who attended will be promoted on the Discord server!

For this event we maxed 30 and averaged 27. Really impressive considering the 10 minutes notice!

Hell Will Be Unleashed,

~Sweater, SWAT Commander-in-Chief

2 Responses

  1. swat is back for unfinished business 😈

  2. ayy ganger even participated in our event

    and damn we got 30 in ausia with 10 minutes notice, gg!

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