The End Of Zuke

Well, I gave him a whopping three days before he gave up, and we really did pull out all the stops. Just making this post for anyone who may still somehow be left on his discord to inform them that Zuke has officially been cancelled and apparently thinks he shut down SWAT. I thought telling myself that I would be able to cut school for three months and still graduate was delusional, but this is something else entirely. Just see for yourself lol

Zuke, YOU are officially shut down.

SWAT will be bigger & better than ever, you just scratched the surface meathead

History was made yeah but you were a small part of it, don’t think for a second all the credit for getting 100+ goes to you this has always been a team effort and obviously you’re for yourself and your own career and that’s another reason right there you shouldn’t be a leader. We’ll reach 100+ again, and unlike you I’ll keep my army together for longer than a week to keep that consistent

I defaced your site on Sweater’s account because he respected your site too much to do it himself, so don’t get it twisted and point fingers at people when you don’t even know who really did it. Wanna blame someone? Blame me but I did it for the team so I don’t really care. Transferring the posts to the official site was a quick & easy decision for all of the leaders because that’s where our posts belong, with SWAT’s history not on your goofey Christmas themed site in the middle of May lmao

All the SWAT vets took you as a joke, even Ganger, but believe what fairytales you want

Your SWAT generation which is still going on under the new leadership will continue to make more history, no ones reading your site and history page that dates back to literally 2020 anymore so stop trying

Never forget when Zuke posted on this very site that Club Penguin armies closing was the equivalent of getting into a car accident for him. Nuff said

And amazing job, not like any one of our recruits could come up with the same exact idea to have half of us turn red and half of us turn green to battle each other. How about battling other armies instead of ourselves because that’s how CP warfare works yeah? I’d assume a LEGEND could be more creative and with those sizes beat anyone right? But hey what do I know? Not like I’m an actual legend in the army or led in countless wars, tournaments or got the army to 1st or anything but anyways imma just end off the post with this

At least you tried, and for that I commend you (claps)

But on a serious note, the controversy over who’s controlling SWAT is finally over, we’re now officially supported by both CPAOL & CPAWM so lets finally forget about all this nonsense and get back to being the best. It’s been a rough and interesting week yes, but lets make these changes we’ve worked so hard to make really pay off!

Hell WILL Be Unleashed.

~Badboy, REAL SWAT Legend & Commander

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