Back With A Bang

Hello SWAT!

Today we logged on to Outback for our return event, and boy did we return with a bang. While we were supposed to be invading Mammoth, I was informed last minute that apparently CPOAL has cooldown rules when it comes to invading so we will just take it Friday and the other two invasions will be pushed back on schedule. Anyways, today was absolutely amazing and really humbling for me. This was the first army event I led since 2018 when OG armies closed and I gotta say sometimes, even now I really do miss it, and I’m glad I’m taking some time to help this army rise again because you are all dedicated hard workers and you deserve it. We did an outstanding job, hitting a max size of around 35 in the Ice Berg, averaging around 30 the entire event. Our tactics & formations were stellar and once the sizes come back around, we will literally be unstoppable. I did not expect these sizes nor did I expect our tactics to be as good as they were on such short notice. Lets keep on recruiting and it will only get sweeter from here. Our next event will be on Friday at 2:00 EST where we WILL invade Mammoth. Sizes of 50+ are expected so make sure you’re there! I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking.


Like the boys said Zuke, at least you tried, but this is my show now

~Badboy SWAT Commander

One Response

  1. ayyyy sick return event bois
    absolutely clean tactics
    well done agents!

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