Explaining The Move

Directly after I moved the SWAT Discord server I was getting quite possibly, hundreds of direct messages from SWAT members – and rightfully so. I couldn’t fill you all in before the move, and many of you still have no idea what’s going on. The main reason we did this? Zuke.

From the minute SWAT was brought back, I knew Zuke wasn’t the right choice for the leadership. The original leadership before our return event on April 4th, was myself, Zuke, and Pink. Pink already had issues with Zuke before the return event and decided to leave beforehand, but I stayed. I stayed because I love SWAT, it was my first army all those years ago and I want what’s best for it – I thought I could fix things.

The leadership for the return event was myself, Zuke, Jaylen and S Cargo2. We are all SWAT veterans, and we all have previous leadership experience (albeit mine was a different army, Mayhem) and we knew how to do things around here especially when it came recruiting. Zuke is a great recruiter, and I by no means want to discredit him where he deserves credit. However, from day 1, people were leaving SWAT on the daily because Zuke is impossible to be under, the guy’s a moron. I felt like the bridge between the troops’ concerns and Zuke himself, and at first I felt it was working. Troops would come to me with many issues, I spoke to Zuke, and we’d fix things. This system worked for a grand total of three weeks. Eventually, however, the troops of SWAT had issues with not only Zuke, but another unnamed leader in training. I again, spoke to everybody, spoke to Zuke & the leader in training, and I tried my best to fix things. Zuke wasn’t interested in cleaning up his act this time. He claimed the owners were expendable and could be replaced with new recruits easily. This is not the case. Never in my life have I met people so hard working and loveable, it’s crazy. I love them to pieces, and they deserve to be SWAT legends more than this idiot.

To nights ago, my friends’ meme army became official on CPO:AL and they had been active on their server. This was an issue for Zuke. His power hungry ass couldn’t control them on there, and so he fired 7 high command officers in one night. Of course, I had a huge problem with this move. I added all of my high command to a group chat and assured them nothing bad would happen to them, their ranks would be reinstated, and I made my promise. I promised my high command that I, Sweater, with the help of some veterans, would remove Zuke from the SWAT leadership and banish him from leading SWAT ever again. 

The main issue here is that Zuke is power hungry, which we all know by now. When we couped Jaylen, it was a case of removing his role on the Discord server and removing him from the website. However, Zuke takes his power to the extreme. He owns both the old SWAT discord server and the website we were using. This was another issue. Zuke would never step down from the SWAT leadership, even though this was clearly in SWAT’s best interest, because if he’s not leading, he can’t flex our high sizes and claim all of these amazing feats he does, when in reality this is a team effort and is isn’t about him. This is why Zuke is not a SWAT legend and never was. A true SWAT legend would step down from the leadership, and do anything for the benefit of their army. Zuke didn’t do this, and is not a legend or an inspiration that anyone in SWAT should look up to. He’s a sad little man who cannot accept when he has done something wrong, and is not fit to lead SWAT or any army.

Would you all like to know who your ex leader really was? I’ll tell you.

When Zuke had found out we moved servers and removed him from the leadership – he had immediately began threatening our leaders and owners. I have a video of him threatening us (it’s a voice clip from Snapchat) and I will gladly DM it to anyone who asks. Zuke is a mutant, and is nowhere near legend status. From now on, the SWAT leadership will consist of just myself until I feel a 2ic is ready to step up and lead with me. S Cargo2 and Badboy will also be temporarily leading while we rebuild. Today marks a new beginning for SWAT.

As of 6th of May, the new era of the SWAT army will commence. I want to have fun with you all. However, we will be recruiting massively too. We will become the #1 army on CPO:AL and I truly believe we are all capable of accomplishing this. Zuke was holding us back, but now that he is gone we WILL become the number one army. SWAT forever.



SWAT Commander-In-Chief

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  1. […] power, because I am nothing if not a leader for the people. Read more about the situation here: https://cposwat.com/2020/05/05/explaining-the-move if you’d like to know why we did what we did to remove Zuke. We had good […]

  2. […] power, because I am nothing if not a leader for the people. Read more about the situation here: https://cposwat.com/2020/05/05/explaining-the-move if you’d like to know why we did what we did to remove Zuke. We had good […]

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