[UK] Defense Of Permafrost [4/12/20]

Hello SWAT!

Today we logged on to fight the Underground Mafias Army / Light Troops who were invading our close allies, the Ice Warriors. They tried to con us by swapping to a different army but of course it didn’t work. We made quick work and won the battle easily, and successfully defended “Permafrost” for our allies. The pictures of the battle and lockout pictures can be seen below.

For this event we maxed over 100, achieving sizes SWAT hasn’t seen for a very long time, this was truly amazing.

**Lights Edit**

Just wanted to let you all know how proud I am of today’s event! We literally made history, and this was also my first event back in the saddle, so what a perfect way to return! We couldn’t have done it without everybody’s help. Let’s keep winning and keep making history!

-Lights SWAT Leader/Legend

Lockout Pictures:

Lets keep up the good work, SWAT! We will only continue to grow from here!

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