I Warned You, You Did Not Listen


I warned you. You should have listened, I don’t bluff.

I really hate stepping in and doing this but lets be real none of us took Zuke seriously from the start. I mean not to shit on the kid but he literally has a post on this site saying that when armies closed it was the equivalent to being in a car accident, and while that may very unfortunately be true for him, its become clear to me and everyone else here that even in 2020, you can still be taking this game too seriously. Therefore as SWAT legend and current advisor and overseer of the new generation, Frozen Zuke is hereby removed from the SWAT leadership, never to lead this army ever again. If he wants he can be 2ic under our new leadership that will currently just consist of me temporarily and Sweater until I can find a suitable replacement, but I doubt he’ll take me up on that offer. Anyways, I’m gonna just going to give you the full explanation as to why this was done. Ok so basically a couple weeks ago, I “denounced” or whatever you wanna call it this new generation of SWAT on discord using the new CPO server simply because I didn’t feel that this was authentic like the armies of old and that it was just plain wrong to keep this going after we closed. However after seeing what Sweater and the others have been able to accomplish with barely any help from the vets is quite impressive, so I’ve had a change of heart. So basically after I made that post Zuke went ahead did his thing anyway and decided he’d just mock me at your events, a SWAT godfather who was in this army far before Zuke even had knowledge of this game, and ban/abuse me on chat simply because we share different views. At first I didn’t really care much honestly I was just here to help at events and reunite with old friends. But after I’ve been around the past few weeks I’ve began to see that more and more people do not like being around Zuke and while he might have bought you fancy graphics a domain and CSS, his personality and overall consideration for the people around him is poor, and that to me is NOT the characteristics of a leader and certainly not a legend. Still, I let it slide because I wanted to hold my tongue and let things play out without having to be annoying and step in. Then I find out Zuke, who by the way owns his new site and is the only main owner on discord chat, didn’t even give Rocks above author until he had to edit the ranks page, which is ridiculous. If you’re a leader and you are working with someone there needs to be trust and respect between both parties, otherwise how are you going to be successful? Cargo had to basically beg for admin too before being removed by Zuke after retiring. The amount of disrespect to SWAT legends & troops put on display by Zuke is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated any longer. I held my tongue for long enough, but tonight was the last straw. I came on and Sweater came to me and said Zuke fired half of the owners for no good reason which makes sense considering how many times this guy goes off the deep end. So in this instance I took it upon myself to gather all of SWAT’s loyal vets & owners, including Cargo on a separate discord chat before we decided it was best that Zuke be removed. Before Zuke or anyone else says I violated my own stability agreement by doing this, I actually followed it almost word for word, called a meeting we discussed it and we all came to the same decision. Only part that wasn’t followed is that Zuke was supposed to be included in the meeting aswell but unfortunately for him he wasn’t online at this time and we could not afford to wait any longer to make these changes. Anyways even if he were there we would’ve came to the same decision and all that would’ve happened was an argument so it makes no difference. I’m sorry Zuke, I truly am but your ownership came to me on this one. I told you to ease up and that this could happen, but you didn’t listen. You forced my hand, and this is the result. Adios

Now, I will take this time to apologize for not giving you guys a shot and trolling/cursing on chat when you’re trying to recruit, that was wrong of me, but we can all write our wrongs now. I simply did this only because of Zuke, but that isn’t an excuse and I should have not done that to you all just because of one toxic person. I was wrong to despair, and I am sorry. You have my help and full support now, I give to you SWAT’s official site which remains first on google for most of the lines we will be using and we will have a new discord chat using ranks from our OG site that make sense instead of Zuke’s silly “high command”. The new discord link has been posted on top of our site along with all of your event result posts from this new generation. I will try my best along with others to get this site in top shape with new GFX and possibly a CSS. We will 100% be getting a new domain and I will try to get this site as recruit-friendly as possible but for now I’m really just concerned with getting everyone over to the new discord and reading this site and getting all of that set up before we do other fixes.

This is the time now SWAT. I didn’t want to, but I blessed up anyway. I rid this army of the last toxic person it had in a position of power and now we can get back to business. The events & sizes have been slipping recently due to retirements, fighting, people going back to work, etc. but like SWAT always has, we will weather the storm. Lets use this time now to build ourselves back up, get everyone in the right position and rank so we can resume recruiting and get this army back on track. Our first event will be the cleansing of our capital server, Mammoth. The time & date for this event have not been decided yet, so for now just keep on recruiting, lets keep chat, active fun & appropriate and once we have this date set in stone it will be posted on our announcements channel on discord and will be updated weekly with new events.

Its our time to REALLY take off now guys. We’ve just been scratching the surface, now lets go get to it.

And the hell with ya’ll whack moddos, you’re in OG SWAT now

right here nignog


~Badboy, SWAT Legend & Commander

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