[US] SWAT Training Event – 8 April

loading… mission loaded 100%….
Training held on 4/9/2020
We maxed 51 average 48

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[UK] SWAT Training Event – 6 April

loading… mission loaded 100%!

Today we logged on to the server Outback (historical SWAT server) to do a training event and it went great! This event far exceeded our expectations, and we are super proud of all of our SWAT agents for this one!

For this event we maxed 62 and averaged 57

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loading… mission loaded 100%….

Today we hosted our return event, on a short notice of less than 24 hours and did EXCEPTIONALLY well

This far exceeded what I had anticipated despite the short notice

We averaged 46 and maxed 48

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New Beginnings.

loading… mission loaded 100%….

Today we reopen S.W.A.T with Zuke & S Cargo 2 SWAT Legends returning to the battlefield.
We have two new leaders. Jaylen and Conor/Sweater.
I call this generation CODE RED

Saturday! April 4th! S.W.A.T Reopening

Aim: Max As Much As We Can


Start Time: 7 PM UK – 2:00 PM EST – 1:00 PM CST – 12:00 PM MST – 11:00 AM PST

btw new motto: UNCHAINED
– Zuke S.W.A.T Leader/Legend

swat of cpo – spam post

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