I Am Not The Best At Final Goodbyes

People don’t understand why we play this game. My parents use to tell me that I wasted time on the computer. My brother would call what I was doing “stupid”. People from the outside say what we do is annoying. They don’t understand, and that’s why I think we love doing this.

I have no clue how to even begin writing a post. 9 years. 9 Long years of SWAT. I have been apart of 8 of those, on and off of course. I literally have no clue what to even write. Looking back at it all, even though people think this community is cancerous, (and it certainly has been over the years) I think we can all agree that in our hearts we don’t want any of this to end. Mostly because I don’t want to take the true focus of SWAT and Club Penguin armies in general, this post is going to short and to the point.

I joined Club Penguin in 2010. I made the username Reeces2011 (Reeses is my favorite candy). Yes I know I spelled it wrong. I was never the best speller. (2010 was also taken so I choose 2011) A few months go by and for many people they see ACP, Nachos, IW or some other army, but I saw SWAT first. I saw these black dressed penguins on Mammoth fighting ACP. I always liked to be the underdog, so I decided to join in on the black army side. I remember Cargo specifically telling me “Look up SWAT. Look us up and join”. So I of course looked up SWAT and up came this site. I would join for a few weeks then get bored. I head down to the Small/Medium army scene for a while, and finally I got my first break in which I believe was late 2011. My friend Skipper, who you probably know, made an army called the Navy of CP. Me, him, and a few others led it and we were able to get first on SMAC (This was after they combined the small and medium armies). I would then leave the Navy and join an army called the Air Force of CP. We would get 7th on CPAC at a time where armies weren’t very strong unless you were a part of the Black Alliance or the White Alliance. We would hang out in the bottom part of the top ten for a while until we started to get botting accusations against us and needed to shut down.

I then returned to SWAT in late 2012 at the height of the war. I personally think this was the best time for SWAT. I still remember the battle where we got 50+ and successfully invaded Mammoth from ACP. We did this all without auto typing. Ganger soon decided to retire and leave a few of us in charge. At the time SWAT was still an army where leaders and owners came and gone very quickly. I don’t consider myself to be a cocky person but I believe that when I led that it was the first time the army was stable. We were able to consistently reach sizes of 25 + and stick around the bottom of the top ten for a while. I would eventually leave because of school and for a while in 2014, I would hop along with Spi from army to army. This included 3ic in the Light Troops, 2ic in Romans and 3ic in the Dark Warriors. At the end of 2014, I would take a leave from armies. I would return a few times in 2016 but it just didn’t have the same feeling it did from the earlier years.

I can’t believe I can somewhat say this, but I believe I am one of the older members of this community. Joining in mid 2010, as I said for an extremely long time. I was in armies from when ACP dominated the community to when they fell. I was here for when the Nachos ruled in 2013. I was here for when the Light Troops became the first army in years to compete with ACP when other armies just refused to do so. I was here when Elmikey & RPF introduced the autotyper to armies, igniting the second golden age. I don’t regret being a part of this community and no one else should either.

I have sat here and changed several things in this post. I am not the best at trying to talk to people and trying to be formal. If you know me I like to have fun and be down to earth. I think that’s what this community has lacked in its dying months. Even in the final weeks we couldn’t have a proper last gathering. So be it. That’s what made this community so great. The competitiveness in the people made this community what it is.

And so for the final time, I would like to say thank you to everyone, ally and enemy alike. You have shaped not only me but this army and armies as a whole. It would only be right of me to write my final post on the very first army I joined.

Reeces2011 Out

2 Responses

  1. Farewell swat this is xxray67xx who was once a swat solider and I will sure miss the army community and the game. It was good fun back in the day.

  2. Thank you Reeces2011. SWAT Forever.

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