Goodbye SWAT

Hello everyone,

As March 29th draws nearer, I felt that it is only right to make this post. For those of you who may not recognize me, I am Tigermca, former SWAT leader, and former AUSIA leader of this army. I led years ago for a short while with Goodjoker and some others. Only days after I became leader, a certain leader decided to coup me along with a few other leaders. This is why I felt the need to make this post, because I never got to before.

I joined in 2012 when Ganger recruited me at the OldCP’s chat. I quickly became owner and strived to become leader until finally, I did. I made many friends along the way, many of which I haven’t seen since around 2014, such as Goodjoker5, Supa Em, Lego, and numerous others. The coup that led to the majority of us leaving the army was abrupt and uncalled for, and I didn’t rejoin SWAT since then until a few weeks ago.

In those three years, I might’ve visited SWAT chat around five times. I only got recognized once, and another time I got banned for “impersonating a leader” (smh).

SWAT is and always will be my home army and I will remember the years I spent here, especially these past few weeks where we managed to get second place on top ten. I’ll probably stick around on xat for only a few more days. Goodbye to you all.

Hell Was Unleashed


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  1. Long time no see. Keep in touch somehow?

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