First Event Back — Results!

SWAT had their first event back today on March 4th, 2016. We did decent, but definitely lots of room for improvement and we expect larger sizes in the future, with short notice and not much mass recruiting so far, we can definitely build from this event. Tactics were great, and new agents were having a great time battling. SWAT maxed 22 and averaged 20 in this event.

MAX: 22

AVERAGE: 20-21





3 Responses

  1. I was there.

    F.A.O Panzerkampf: Ich sein wahrscheinlich nicht im Chat bis Samstag
    aber ich werde auf Club Penguin sein, wann immer ich kann.

  2. I didn’t look back into SWAT site because l didnt know there will be a event. Please pc me when there will be event happening like this again, please. (;

  3. Multi the good multi

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