The Bot Raid Issue

Edit: Fuck off pizza boy ill have you sent back to china

Sprite, raid us again and see what happens. You might think its funny to do this because you know Gob won’t do anything but it isn’t really funny. We can do the same thing to every single RPF event if you want us to I hope you don’t because I don’t really want to fight and argue over some stupid shit like this, but if you want to I guess we can. We could be friends but every time people went on the RPF chat to see why you bot raided us you just banned them. We will not take action this time, but if you do this again we will not be as friendly as we are being now. I hope you are smart enough to stop bot raiding SWAT.

~Everyone in SWAT

One Response

  1. What is your Xat and Club Penguin name?
    Xat: Ironslime CP:ironslime21

    Have you been in armies before?

    If so, what rank?
    pcp 3ic, wvofcp 4ic, elites leader, frozen elites leader, frost squad leader, acp 5ic, hsa 2ic

    How did you find us?

    Do you promise to be loyal?
    Do you promise to bookmark and ?yes

    Do you promise to always come to chat, check website, and attend as many events as you can? depends on what day of week

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