CPAC Special Report: The Magnificent Life Of Chippy/Noob

*Took me approximately 8000 hours to type*

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – In a community, where many are respected, there are some who aren’t. You have the Waterkids, the Akabobs, the Sprites, and of course, our very own, Chip AKA the nile river. (You asked for this faggot)

*Viewer discretion is advised*

Many of you know Chip. Hes a border line faggot who has done nothing significant with his life except sit on the computer for hours on hours feeling the need to “expose” armies for multilogging. He often embraces the fact that every post he makes about armies multilogging takes him about 45 minutes to type, which is great, but lets not forget we’re in CP armies, not in English class. Silly Chip!

Chip is on his computer so much that even is mother looks down on him for it. Chip has been deported back to Turkey many times, and each time it seems he has forgot his razor. Chip has not shaved in over two months, but this can also lead back to the fact that you can’t shave if you never leave your computer.

Chip feels that his work in CP armies is helping it repair as a community, and that he is making a positive difference. The thing is, when Chip grows up and leaves CP armies behind, he will just end up bombing your school. So watch out kids, Turkey is NOT the place to be in two years when Chip turns 18. Pray for him.

So without further ado, lets look into the magnificent life of yours truly, Chip/noob.

Creds to some bitch Chip trusted, but like everyone else she also hates him. 😦

Ouch man, but I’m afraid even Chip’s mom knows hes a useless nobody who will amount to nothing in life.

Screw college. Right???

Chip’s mom pretty much hit the nail right on the head. But when someone calls you a worthless idiot who does nothing all day, then you should feel obliged to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But then again, this is Chip we’re talking about…. unfortunately.

 photo 435429E9-43AC-4701-82B9-1005D959AC7F.jpg

 photo 83208B7E-4E9B-4092-ABCB-6180D2CE265A.jpg

 photo D2052B62-047C-47F2-9D9B-ED75ADF3C023.jpg

Hes stuck guys, sort of like hes stuck on the decision of whether to shave his face or not.

 photo 0F5838F1-A529-454F-9C25-C0A59F636BFA.jpg

I guess Chip’s dad will also be blowing up schools pretty soon. This guy seems like such an awesome influence on his little chippy!

 photo 8870E785-D997-460D-92BE-879C5888CDD0.jpg

Please, get in detail. I just can’t imagine what more awesome incidents go down in the Chip household.

 photo 6733587E-7C40-4F6E-94AD-FD40316404D8.jpg

Wait. I thought you were too good for school?????

 photo D96B4626-8948-4667-9A6E-4459E2A683AC.jpg

Damn yo Chip’s dad is a hustler. Stealin the big bucks. Give you his heritage? To do what with it, help Elmikey pay his rent??

 photo 54714FEC-DCA2-41E4-9B65-1D26B5108996.jpg

Wow Chip. I thought you were more of a class act. This guy is counting on his father dying so he can get $15 mil to buy ads for RPF! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Tbh I’d count on half going to Apollo’s family when he has a heart attack in a few years.

 photo 507ACC94-A1B9-4DC0-9EAA-B9875E9E8674.jpg

There can only be two possible conclusions to this. Either Chip’s mom beats him, which is pretty obvious, I’d beat my son too if he were a lowlife who devotes himself to Club Penguin, OR, Chip got a little hectic with a pair of scissors after finding out he e-dated a man. But hey that’s not of my business. Quinn forever

She moans “the nile”


RPF Forever


Funny you got all that $$$ but you still haven’t bought a razor. GG man

I would hate to get beat by my mom.

And that’s pretty much it. As you can see, Chip has just an awesome life, and we can all tell how he so gracefully dedicates himself to armies, mostly due to the fact he has no social life away from the computer. His mom hates him, his dad hates him, we all hate him, but hey, this guy is saving the community tho, right????

Good night sweet prince, sleep tight. Tell mom I said hi 🙂

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