Hello Agents!

This week, we take back #1. We are the best, and our events from this week proved that to be true once again. We are going to be one of the favorites going into the Christmas Chaos, and we expect to see sizes of 60+ in the first round. Let’s prepare.

Invasion Of Northern Lights

Max 45+

Invasion Of Crunch

Max 37+

Invasion Of Cold Front

Max 50+

Invasion Of Sardine

Max 45+

Invasion Of Ice Berg

Max 40+

Invasion Of Polar Bear

Max 43+

Raid Of Fjord

Max 43+

Invasion Of Bubblegum

Max 45+

Invasion Of Bunny Hill

Max 45+

Invasion Of Ice Box

Max 43+

Requested Top Ten Picture:

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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