To The Lovely Community


I look at this community from when I first joined in 2012 to now, and I see nothing but disappointment. The mere fact that all of those armies out there who don’t amount to the success SWAT is currently having, have to resort to making claims that just because we’re big and we can recruit probably better than anyone else, means we multilog. I’ve even heard people say we have an “xat script” to help provide nulls to make chat size bigger. That is absurd, all of these claims are absurd. Lets go through a list of the accusations SWAT has received and lets explain why each and every one of them don’t prove jack shit.

1. Zach11’s Videos – You’re going to sit here and tell me that this kid has solid proof by taking video’s of my troops logging off, and because some of them may have low stamps? Is that some sort of a joke? Zach literally sits on nulls on my chat every single day trying to pick up evidence of something that is non existent. Mainly due to the fact that SN maxes 10 and it will take about 100 years for them to get any better.

2. Sprite’s Posts – Mainly the same thing Zach was doing, only he picked up pictures of my chat size 30 minutes before my events started and threw it together with our size on CP and said we were multilogging. Again, another pathetic attempt to try and frame SWAT for something we aren’t doing.

3. Verum’s Experiment – Yes, of course. Let’s go over to IW site and listen to the guy who multilogged over 20+ penguins in SWAT, put them on a list, and sent it to CPAC to “expose us” for something he was practicing inside our army. This kid is literally hated by the entire community and thinks going around joining armies and trying to sabotage them in an attempt to deliver justice will gain him respect. Although some may fall for his stupidity, his little “experiment” on SWAT chat yesterday, where he banned one of my troops and then either had Ganger ddosed, or Ganger refreshed at the same time, proved nothing. Once again, hes caught in a lie still trying to defend himself for the crude acts he made as a leader in SWAT. Btw shout out to Verum for being in IW for more than a day lol. XD

4. Burr – Oh isn’t this one great. Probably tops them all. The big CPA legend who claims to have led his godly Army Republic to marvelous sizes and now feels the need to get involved with armies again, due to the fact of his jealousy towards SWAT. Yes, lets bow down to the man, the big 16 year old wrestler weighing in at about 113 pounds 5’5, on the topic of multilogging, a topic that has been brought up against himself in the past. One who also has contributed in spreading a dox of me with Zack, Zach11, and many others, which by the way was almost completely inaccurate. This guy has made a pact, an agreement, that all armies are to ignore SWAT unless we’ve proven we don’t multilog. How about you prove that we do? You think CPAC just sits around and doesn’t review any of your accusations. They do, and we haven’t been penalized because the evidence isn’t there. Your accusations are based on an opinion, which is based on the fact that you can’t accept SWAT is better than most armies, and we will continue to be great whether you think we cheat or not.

Burr’s little “pact” I linked above in that pastebin ruins the sole meaning of armies. His pact states that any army who THINKS we multilog, are allowed to ignore SWAT in any war related situations and are to be protected under this law. This game is based on WAR, so how are you going to tell an army they aren’t allowed to battle us, when armies are supposed to be flexible and take on the bigger power to improve their own armies and face a challenge. Having this pact is completely ruining the purpose of how armies work and is a sad excuse for armies not to have to battle us. CPA didn’t used to be like this and its upsetting to see armies turn to shit. This little charade you have in place, Burr, won’t last long, so keep it up. You’re just giving SWAT the publicity we’ve always wanted, and I thank you for that.

To go back to the picture I have posted below the pastebin, you see DrMatt pleading for CPAC to do something about SWAT because hes another one who has done nothing but complain about SWAT the past two weeks. Yeah Matt, pretend were friends and then every time I turn around you’re trying to get CPAC to act on the accusations being made against SWAT. And I love how you claim SWAT or myself is the one ddosing Zach. Do you have any proof of this? I already spoke with with Zach and he knows exactly who’s been doing it to him, and I can’t say anything because with all the shit he talks, not only to SWAT, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to him that people are pissed off.

We get 1st and 2nd on TT because last time I checked, we’re the only ones who get sizes of 40 consistently other than WV. But that’s all fake right? All of the recruits we get are from an xat script, right? Give me a break. Burr is fixated on an opinion that a small majority have about SWAT, but that’s also the small majority who are jealous and need to open up their eyes and worry about their own army more so than worrying about SWAT. I’ve literally never seen someone give more attention to someone’s else’s army, opposed to their own. I also love how you say “second time”, as if the first time was our fault. We were set up, and anyone with a brain would be smart enough to understand that. But 75% of this community lacks integrity, and I now see the result of that every time I hear about what happened with Verum earlier this generation. It’s also amusing how you could possibly think SWAT would multilog after being caught for letting Verum do it and what we had to endure through that whole thing. Trust me, if I was asked if I would go through that again, my honest answer would be a big fat no. No Matt, I’M SORRY, I truly am. I feel sorry for those who can’t accept something as simple as SWAT having their chance at success, a chance we haven’t had for over three years. And you know what else, I’m sick of all these cunts who can’t get their heads out of their asses and accept that SWAT is the best now, and nothing will change that. We’re cheating the system, no YOU and everyone else who are holding each other’s dicks ganging up on SWAT are the ones who are cheating the system. YOU guys are the sole reason armies are dying and the stupidity all of you are pulling right now is a prime example of that.

You people want to bash CPAC for not doing anything to SWAT , yet you don’t want to do anything yourself. They’re a news site, not a government. You think we cheat, then do something about it. You don’t like us, then declare war, be my guest. SWAT will gladly show you we can compete in a battle, and we will sweep you and your accusations both under the rug where you belong.

Any army leader who signs Burr’s pact, you are a coward. You are whats wrong with CP Armies and should be ashamed of yourself to take part in something that goes against the meaning of this game.

Also please be aware that if you do sign this agreement, you are agreeing to ignore invasions from SWAT, so I guess we’ll just take your servers facing no opposition.

To the community,

You want to keep this up, then go right ahead. Armies will slowly die with the weight of your failure and you will look back on this as one of your biggest mistakes.

You don’t think SWAT is legit, then show us. Schedule a practice battle, and we will show you we can keep up better than anyone you’ve battled before. You know where to find me.

~Badboy, SWAT Leader/Legend

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