Idk what to say right now. We are just the best army out there. No one else can do what we just did. Maybe WV, ON A GOOD DAY, but no other army is better than us right now. We’ve gotten 1st this generation, made it great. Now its time we win a tournament, and make it golden. The Christmas Chaos is coming up SWAT, and we will make it to the finals and bring home the trophy.

Tonight, we invaded the free server Northern Lights, with sizes of 45, and almost perfect tactics. We will only continue getting stronger, SWAT. Most of us have either the whole week off for Thanksgiving, or just 2-3 days. Lets make the most of it. 🙂

SWAT is #1, and there’s no doubt about it.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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  1. SWAT Is The Best.


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