Over the past couple of days, the recruiting campaign led by myself and others has been able to pull in about 40+ new troops. This is a great feat, and if we continue this we will be maxing 60+ in no time. For all new Special Agents, please click HERE for our fun chat /HQ. We are excited to have all these amazing new Special Agents, your fun journey in SWAT has now begun. Make the most of it by attending as many events as you can and being active on chat to earn moderator and rank up! We will have fun missions daily here in SWAT, and we encourage all troops to attend the majority of events if not all of them. Keep up the great work SWAT. Currently we are averaging around 40+, and within the next couple of days we expect to see a consistent sizes of 50+ on CP and to secure our number one spot for the 2nd time in a row this upcoming weekend. GET READY, SWAT!

President Ganger90, SWAT Founder & Leader

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