Who Won??

After achieving 1st on CPAC, we conclude our 3ic voting polls. This past week we have seen five candidates work as hard as they could to achieve the role of 3rd in command. In a staggering of 245 VOTES and a close finish between three of the agents, we will present the winner. Without further ado,



In a surprising finish of Linuxguy having 67 votes, Medic having 70 votes and then Larden with 72, it surprises us not only because of the fact that it was that close, but because how many people voted. Congratulations to Larden and you will be ownered when you come to SWAT chat. In regards to the other candidates, great job working hard this week and don’t give up! We will always have more room as time flies by, so if you work your hardest in the army you too can achieve owner.

We wish you all could become owner but as of right now we don’t have the space for it. 

Keep up the great work agents!

-Apollo // SWAT Leader

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  1. Congrats Larden! Goodwork bro! – Xenon

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