Victory Over ACP

Trader talked shit, A LOT OF SHIT.

“SWAT will never take anything from us.”

“SWAT are a bunch of cheaters, so ACP has every right to ignore you.”

“SWAT is irrelevant.”

Wrong, wrong, and WRONG.

We invaded ACP’s ENTIRE nation in a week, hitting sizes of 35-40 at all but one of the battles. We made our mark this week, and we will get #1 on that top ten tomorrow.

Where will ACP be? Still maxing 10 and moping about how they got exposed this week, and counting down the minutes until Trader is couped. Yeah, that’s what they’ll be doing. ACP is officially finished off and all of their servers are now occupied by the SWAT Empire.

To ACP, after you get rid of that filth, consider this a wake up call. You do have some good people in your army, just clear out the idiots, and you’ll be fine.

To Sidie, although SWAT will not be willing to give anything back, we are willing to make a peace agreement following Trader’s removal. You know where to find me.



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