SWAT Special Report: ACP, You’ve Been EXPOSED!

MAMMOTH, SWAT Headquarters – So a faggot named Trader has been talking for weeks now, claiming SWAT multilogs and shit. He has his head so far up Max’s ass it got stuck and he couldn’t peak out in time to notice how his multilog’s passwords were almost exactly the same as their usernames. Now you’ve probably seen how ACP has magically started maxing “40” out of nowhere, so let me explain what they’ve been up to. 🙂

Alright, so lets take a look at a recent ACP event.

A number of these penguins had suspicious names and a handful of them we logged on ourselves. The password for most of them was the username without numbers. But thats a coincidence, right? Everyone makes their password THAT simple, right?

Oh because apparently a troop named Elsa, who no one’s ever seen before will just magically get banned for 24 hours, right?

Hey baker, didn’t see you there!


Trader changed the password for Ski0842 after finding out CPAC was investigating, but that’s for you to believe or not. But based on what you see above, I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t believe it.

U the real MVP

More will probably be added, so stick around.

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  1. LOOOL

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