Trader, you just don’t know when to stop, do you?

Think you have the right to make these types of posts when you’re a cheating little faggot who no one likes?

Yeah, nulling excessively, first time I’ve heard that one, but I’m pretty sure that’s Max’s thing. Moving on.

Multilogging. Its sad to see that one day you get ACP leader and instantly your life begins to revolve around excusing other CP Armies of cheating, when in fact you do it more than anyone else.

Troop stealing. Get some proof, or just have Lolly17 do it for you, either way works.

Again, CPAC doesn’t listen to green raging 5 year olds who claim they get arrested for leaking someone’s nudes on a CP game.

It isn’t a problem though, me and Baker1 are chilling tomorrow night despite any of this, so w/e.

Funny how you sit there and try to call out the #1 and #2 armies when you’re leading an army who needs to multilog 15+ penguins they find off of youtube just to get 30, and then have “recruiting sessions” where you claim to get 40+ when really you only get 20 not including multilogs and rouges. Good work son.

The passwords for the penguins seen at your events is solid proof that you have been multilogging with them. Why in the hell would the passwords of 5+ different penguins be the same as the username just without any numbers. Yes of course, not suspicious at all, because you’re the great first Army of CP who does nothing wrong!

Those penguins with similar passwords to their usernames are often found on youtube if you’re looking for a new account. Not to mention those are the most basic names you could think of. Please Trader, you think we’re dumb?

 I don’t ever recall WV being investigated for having similar penguin names and passwords, you’re mistaking them for DCP. Please, stop using Valium.

Zing wants to expose you simply because you’re a dumbass and its his job to report these kinds of things. SWAT was exposed for allowing Verum to multilog, and guess what? We shut our mouths admitted it, and moved on. And now we’re headed to #1.

I guess you could say having the CEO as your creator, but I guess all those years of having ACP advisors high up on CPAC rankings gets swept under the rug right? What a sad excuse. Funny how Zak had nothing to do with this at all, and neither did Mach lol.

Can’t wait to see you in another army next week, perhaps you’ll go Chainpro and try to recreate a fake Golds, or maybe go hop on DCP’s dead bandwagon that you’re apparently so friendly with already. Its just sad to see even the most hated people become even more hated just because they want to be at the top on a game designed for 8 year olds. You’ve tarnished ACP’s name and reputation, you’ve lost their entire nation to SWAT, and you have ACP legends pcing me asking for evidence of your stupid behavior. Anything else? Or will I be seeing another 40+ recruiting session tomorrow? Maybe, maybe not, after all, I did ban all of them penguins for you. Have a good rest of your time as ACP leader, the clocks ticking!


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