Really? Is this… all you got? A picture of my chat size when xat went down and some video of my event taken by a 5 year old who leads an army called Snow Ninjas? This is really pathetic. Now I do understand where some of the confusion may fall in but I’ll explain for you nice boys everything that went down last night. Xat, you should listen too because I’m sick of coming on every day and not being able to access my chat. Morons.

Now you’re probably wondering, why was our chat size was larger than our CP size. The answer is simple. Maybe some of you didn’t recently see that xat has been getting hacked by multiple people, and last night DURING MY EVENT, xat chats, including SWATHeadquarters, was deleted. At event time, me and my other leaders got chat up to around 35-40 people, and then we started getting PC’s from multiple owners, mods, even some leaders that they couldn’t access chat. I said to Ganger, we’re still doing this event, because xat prevented us from doing a lot of events last week. So I announced to the chat what was going on and I said if anyone refreshed they would not be able to get back on the chat. This was around the same time we had started logging on. So instead of listening to me, a large portion of the chat, probably 15-20 people refreshed and couldn’t get back on. I said if anyone loses access to the chat to stay on CP and follow along with the tactics they see on their screen. I told those who were in PC with me and other leaders that we would inform them if there was a room change.

Here is an example of one of SWAT’s leaders, Billy, explaining to Ganger he couldn’t get on the chat. There were many more people who pced us the same thing, but I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t think I’d be necessary, but apparently I have ACP rejects monitoring and taking videos of my events now lol.

Now, I will move on to respond to ACP, seeing that they’re the ones who made this stupidity public.

Trader, just stop yo lmfao. This is literally your life right here. Every single day I see you on WV or other chats raging about SWAT, or a flame post directed towards us on ACP site. Get a life man. XD

That’s right, it isn’t CPAC’s job to deduct points every time someone gets suspicious about one of our events. Their job is to review things and decide whether or not they provide enough solid evidence to hand out punishment. Obviously, taking a video of my chat size and event, or counting stamps on my troops’ penguins won’t get the job done. Sorry for the hard work you guys did, I appreciate it, but you efforts are sadly wasted.

I love how you say we can’t get 10 on chat during an event when literally before every event we have 40-50 people on, but you might be mistaking ACP’s size on CP with the number 10, rethink that please. 🙂

“I don’t care what anyone says, Doritos did it for months without being caught. ~Badboy”

LMAO YO. When did I ever say this shit? Did you make this one up like how you made up that I asked you to join ACP. That’s cute, but I have a true one for you.

“I write the word Badboy on a piece of paper, and when I’m done I stick a knife in it and show it to my ACP friends. Are you proud of me mom?” ~Trader

“Shut up, you are a failed abortion.” ~Trader’s Mom

Ouch. Well that ones straight outta the Trader household, I hope you never get invited for dinner there kids!

Keep ignoring us, and keep losing servers. Again fine by me, you’re just paving the road, and I’m hotboxin the whip straight down it.

Ahh last thing, the video. Well I hope you all enjoyed a video of penguins dancing and doing tactics on Club Penguin. I guess because a couple logged off at the time I said to log off that makes us a bunch of multiloggers. Oh well!

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  1. why do you suddenly include SN in this?

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