Official Declaration Of War On ACP [The Strike]

*SWAT owns Outback.

 SWAT officially declares war on ACPTrader is an enemy of the Club Penguin SWAT Team, Special Agents. He and his army, ACP, have not learned their lesson from the last time we went to war. Trader even went on to claim that “We declared victory when really ACP won”, yet ACP only posted results for 4 out of 20 battles. Coincidence or not? SWAT posted all 20/20 battle results from the war showing us with the upper hand in each of them, and we are even stronger now and ACP weaker than ever. (Having Trader as leader isn’t helping either). We will ravage through their nation and claim all their servers within 5 days. Prepare SWAT, we have to complete some unfinished business.

Check battle schedule for invasions!


One Response

  1. What is your Xat and Club Penguin name? Uiem
    Have you been in armies before? No
    If so, what rank? N/A
    How did you find us? On Clubpenguin Ingame
    Do you promise to be loyal? Yes
    Do you promise to bookmark and ? Yes
    Do you promise to always come to chat, check website, and attend as many events as you can?Yes

    Sorry to comment on here, but there is no where to insert a comment on the “Join SWAT” page.

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