Matt is using you, he said it literally said that to me in PC, and I have a picture with it I posted before with his ID in it, so keep trying to avoid the fact that he doesn’t like you lol. AND LOL BRO “Your aim is to make me feel bad so I leave LT and join SWAT so I will bot recruit for you”. LMFAO MAN NO THANKS. I don’t want raging kids who mess with people’s internet connection in my army. And we chat recruit so lolllll. You speak as if you’re so good that I would ACTUALLY let you join my army. The highest you’d get here is private, bot script or not, but nice try man. 😉  Tts alright to feel important when you aren’t, keep boosting the self esteem you’ll need all you can get for tonight!!!!111

SWAT will smack LT senseless, and in a couple days your bot script will mean nothing, as if it means something already.

Go ride Matt into the sunset!!!

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