Shut Up Flen

Flen, shut up please. Your bond with Matt is faker than Minaj’s tits. He legit uses you for your GFX and bot script, as done anyone else who hires you in their army. And what do you mean the rest of the conversation? That was basically the entire conversation, so you can go fap to him on skype some more. And I find it funny that YOU, of all people, would tell ME to get a life, when all you do is come on here every day, change your name, and then go raid someone’s events with bots. Yeah man I can tell you’re really livin the dream.

You don’t have a “bond” with Matt, he doesn’t even like you, get over yourself Flen lol. And when you wrote you weren’t going to leave me and that it was me vs. you now, I thought you were just being an idiot like usual, and then I find myself being ddosed, and when I get my connection back, I get a PC from you saying “Did you have fun?”. So I went to Matt and addressed this, and a couple minutes later you PC me for about 15 minutes apologizing for ddosing me.

I’m just really scared that you’re going to take on all of SWAT single handedly bro. I’m literally breaking down inside as we speak. 😦

“You start it, we end it.”

Implying I started anything because I’m pretty sure you’re the one who ddosed me but ok. Stay salty kid.


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