LT Fact: Laughable Or Not?

Alright so Matt, originally said he doesn’t have time for my response posts, but obviously that was a lie because all I see when I go to LT site is flame posts about SWAT, they really are just asking for a hard beating, and we will gladly give it to them.

Matt compiled a list of “facts” about SWAT, with all of them being false, but he made a list nonetheless, and I will do the same for LT.

LT Fact 1: Claims to have shut down forever, returns a month later, and still can’t get over 30+.

LT Fact 2: Get’s 60+ on chat, can’t get more than 30 on CP, and then claims to have maxed 45-50 in results post.

LT Fact 3: Matt looked at as one of the greatest leaders in LT history, but is paying Roberto and Waterkid to recruit for him.

LT Fact 4: Waterkid says he wont be able to lead LT because he’s busy with college, yet here he is recruiting for them, and even leading some of their events.

LT Fact 5: Currently in the “Titan” era, but I didn’t know Titans buy their way to success.

Have fun maxing 20!!!!!!!!

And by the way Matt, we did invade Mammoth, and cleanse it more than once, maybe you should stop focusing so much on SWAT’s events and go to extra help for English. Two weeks, and all of LT’s servers will be ours. The only thing that scares me is your amazing AUSIA division, with Dr.Flen at the helm. I wouldn’t want to battle bots, that’s no fair!!!!!!!!

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