I Do Know The Reason @Flen

Again, Matt and everyone else who claimed we recruited at DSGHQ failed to show us proof, therefore it didn’t happen. WE trash talked about YOU? That’s funny, because all I’ve seen in the past two weeks is Waterkid raging on CPAC chat about how LT won’t be able to get 1st because of us, and I think the real reason why you want war is so you can try and prove we can’t keep up in real battles because you still think we multilog. But with that idiot gone, you have no way to bring us down now. No one ever recruited on LT chat either, please stop making things up and go get caught raiding someone’s event with bots please. And its funny you call my AUSIA division fake when you most likely throw bots on to do AUSIA or boost sizes in any division, don’t make me laugh Flen, we all know what you’re about. Perhaps you should go change your name for the 1000th time, or hop to some other army who will use you for their script. You’re pathetic man, please just leave this community already, no one wants you here lol.

“This is you death”. Not quite sure how to comprehend that but I think I know why you changed your name to Santa’s brother to look like Matt, you both have horrible grammar! Lol!!!!!! Peepin that invasion of MarshMellow btw Matt haha.


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