“Firekid” Intensifies

don’t read this

Alright so we have this kid Fire, who has worshipped Waterkid’s jockstrap for two years. He says LT gives 0 fucks about these types of posts I make, then proceeded to respond to what I said. This kid has done nothing significant in his career but max 20 with LT’s UK division, something anyone can do. He claim’s I’m making myself look like an idiot, when hes been an LT owner as Waterkid’s personal pet since forever. I mean, you’ve been owner there that long, and you still haven’t gotten leader? That’s unfortunate. 😦 Fire, LT exaggerates more than GT in summer 2014, and that’s just embarrassing. We don’t have real troops? Verum’s gone with his entire list of multilogs, and we just hit 37 two days in a row, and LT still can’t get over 30, when you literally buy out every CPPS chat on the planet. And hey, at least I don’t BUY MY TROOPS. Who needs that much adspace just to get 25+?

I never said I thought Waterkid still led LT, but hes obviously still associated with you guys, and I find that to be particularly funny considering he said he’d take a back seat completely, and then we see him leading events and posting results. I never mistook you for Waterkid either, although I know how honored you’d be if I did. I guess I’ll go “fix my brain”, if that even makes sense. I’ve never heard that one, but I’m guessing you’ve heard it from Matt because he comes up with the most awesome remarks using that A+ grammar. He’s in college, really? That’s why I see him on LT chat often. And yeah, I guess I won’t ever go to college man, you judging that from the standpoint of a CP game. Makes a lot of sense when you put it that way.

Yeah, and keep claiming we multilog, but there’s no Verum now if you didn’t notice, so all multilog talk is the past. I know LT’s servers will find a nice spot on SWAT’s empire page, but keep doing a great job maxing 20+ with that UK division, kiddo!

Apparently we’re evil and we have no brains, but I just think he means we’re not jewish and we don’t have money! We live on multilogs? I guess you can keep saying that, but I think there might be better excuses for maxing 25 and having to buy your troops. Think harder Firekid! Jewluck tomorrow man!

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