SWAT Was Set Up

Don’t read this unless you’d like to hear the real story.

SWAT were a victim of a horrendous crime placed upon us by a CPAWM member. This member came with a horrible plan and accidentally proved that they were the culprit. After leaking their list of SWAT recruiting penguins, they used TWO of the penguins off of the list to damage another army. In the CPAC Champions Cup Semi Finals event between RPF and Nachos, two familiar friends of Verum joined the battle. Below we have a picture of the battle between the two armies.

Nothing suspicious, correct? Let’s look deeper.

Here you see Verum in Nachos uniform as two penguins off the list are joined near the RPF line. This may be confusing but Verum has been in RPF before. He has been kicked out before for multilogging. Silverburg, a former RPF leader claimed Verum used Bronzeburg1 as an RPF multilog. Here is the list supplied by Verum to the Light Troops.

Now, you can see beside Bronzeburg it says rpfofcp. This may be a tactic used by Verum to get payback towards RPF and have them disqualified from the CC and as well suffer point loss from the Top Ten. Unfortunately RPF failed to continue in the CC although they put their best out there.

Verum also has accused everyone in SWAT of multilogging but does he not see that he just put himself in a trap. Confirming he multilogged for SWAT, planning to join other armies and have no debt paid to CPAWM? Why would CPAWM keep a member who willingly cheats?

In no way is this post saying SWAT is innocent and they deserve their points back because we had our fault in hiring the sneak. What I am saying is there is a cheating freak out there who is in CPAWM. No way can you say DCP and SWAT only multilog. SWAT aren’t hiring anymore multiloggers and if you’re caught then you can expect to be removed right away.

Look Deeper CPAC, there’s things that will pass you.

Apollo – SWAT Leader

4 Responses

  1. thanks for pointing this out

    we’ll get rid of him

  2. cp illuminati??

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