Ight so apparently, Matt came on tonight, and out of nowhere his pal Roberto and a couple of irrelevant LT owners ran to him and told him SWAT was recruiting off DSGHQ, which apparently LT has bought out now. That’s a big fat lie because everyone knows where we recruit and it isn’t at DSGHQ. When I approached Matt and asked him for a picture with an ID of someone in SWAT diliberately recruiting on DSGHQ chat, his response was, “I don’t have that proof”. LT’s reason for war isn’t this, however, their reason for war is because they are pissed off they failed to throw us down when Verum set us up and gave LT what they needed to get elude us from taking the #1 spot. They know we’re already bigger after just returning yesterday, and this scares them. They know right away we will take the #1 spot no problem, and no one will get in our way. Verum is gone now and they have no one else to try and set us up again and prevent us from reaching our goals.

Matt, honestly I couldn’t care less about you. You were the nicest guy in BMA and up until last week, and then you rejoined LT and turned into a complete asshole, just like everyone else who throws themselves into that army. You claim LT is superior to SWAT yet you’re last two events have reached a whopping 25+, when SWAT just returned from a lock down and we’re already averaging over 35. You have nothing but your money, Matt. You claimed last week that SWAT’s troops aren’t real, yet you buy all of your troops. Even funnier, you’re paying Waterkid and Roberto to recruit for you just so LT can reach over 30. You’re pathetic man. We were good friends, and now we’re enemies. I hate to do this, but I will crush LT with a burning passion until you surrender. SWAT may look beat after what happened, but you’d be sadly mistaken if you think that.

And btw, I’m not so sure if CPAC cares, but I’d like to show a little piece of LT’s idiocy, as a token of my appreciation.

Hey Flen, can you make it any more obvious? Get a life lol.


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  1. RIP LT. You fools wont be missed.

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