We Will Not Fall



Server – MAMMOTH

Times – 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 6:00 PM MST, 5:00 PM PST

We will not fall.

We have been trashed and spit at by the whole community, but after Verum and his cheating ways have left our army, we will still able to get the same sizes. We will not fall, and the end is not getting into the top 3. SWAT we will be coming for the number one spot. Throughout our existence, SWAT has battled adversity. We are strong enough to overcome this adversity, and we proved that tonight in our event maxing 37, that we are not going anywhere. Along with SWAT, I’ve been doubted my entire army career and this is only another stone to step over. We’ve been set up by someone who we trusted to bring into our army and give him a home where he can actually do something successful with his career, and he wasted it by setting the SWAT up. But it’s okay, because for SWAT, we will continue doing great while Verum is a reporter for a S/M news site. 🙂

Our journey to success becomes clearer as the days go by, as we leap ahead of every other army. Nobody can stop us, we are unstoppable. Everyone in SWAT has been waiting for this moment, and we’ve been hungry for it for a very long time. The finish line has not yet been reached, so we need to keep going and not let anyone get in our way. SWAT will always prevail over the criticism and the haters, as we are not trying to impress them or make them like us, we are trying to be better than them and prove that we are superior to them in every way, We are trying to triumph in victory over these armies and their leaders, we are not trying to make buddies out here. We have goals that we are trying to personally reach, and all we need is each other to accomplish this, no one else. And for ACP, we have proven to you time and time again that we are better than you. You can not beat us in war. I mean, really, tell me the last time you were able to beat SWAT in a war. Did you even come close? You wouldn’t be able to name one time in at least the past three years that you were able to claim victory over us. We are open to accept criticism mercifully by large armies, but not by armies that max 12 and try to start a war and run their mouthes to a army that gets 55+ on chat and 40+ on CP even without Verum’s cheating.

For everyone that doubted us, tried to feel as if they are above us, and claimed that we are in just another one of our “phases”, this next one coming up is for you. SWAT will not fall, we will only rise above all else until we reach number 1 and we won’t stop there. We made a promise that we will reach the top again, and I am confident that we will reach that point if we aren’t already there now. SWAT can not be beat at this point by anyone in the community, and anyone who wants to attest to that can schedule a battle with us right now, and we will show you what true power really is. Contact me on SWAT chat.


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