The Intelligence Of ACP

Ok so apparently ACP “invaded” Mammoth today without any sort of notice, yet they accuse us of multilogging but then don’t play by the rules. They also claimed to have maxed 18 and averaged 18. Have fun getting deduction points lol. This army and its “US Leader” are such a joke. Only reason I haven’t declared war is because 1, they max 15 and it wouldn’t be fair, and two, Trader already stated he’d be ignoring us if we invaded ACP, which is funny to me considering all he does is make flame posts towards SWAT all day and then when we threaten him he acts like a pussy and says ACP won’t acknowledge us. This group of green 8 year olds is a prime example of how armies are turning to shit every single day. The only major armies who had more than 4 events this week were SWAT and WV. (I don’t consider ACP a major army). We, as a community must do something fast, or we will watch ourselves perish. We’re on the brink, and we need to step it up.

As for ACP, keep making my day, I’ve had a smile on my face since the first flame post you made and it’s been there ever since. Am happy 😀

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

3 Responses

  1. just raid their events

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