Proof Of ACP Multilogging

Here is Trader asking Maxy to multilog:

Ninja shit is when Maxy and Trader discussed things on nulls.

4 Responses

  1. […] haven’t seen the proof of ACP multilogging, I advise you to very quickly give it a glance here. If you have, you know all about Trader’s little scheme. Claim others multilog (post can be […]

  2. […] so if you would like to view the whole side of ACP calling out SWAT for multilogging please click HERE . In a recent SWAT event, these penguins have been seen with no stamps. This has also made the […]

  3. WOW trader. and acp u can do much better than that

    • Yet you just sat on CPAC claiming how great ACP is when your own leader condones multilogging. Lmao bro make up your mind

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