#1, Here We Come [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Agents!

This week, we broke through, and we now approach a new golden age for SWAT. This generation will be the best SWAT generation in history. The doubters, the haters, the accusers, will all bow down to us pretty soon, and those who quit SWAT just a week ago will be begging me for their ranks back. Read on to witness our greatness.

Unscheduled AUSIA Mission

Max 10+

Unscheduled AUSIA Training

Max 25+

Unscheduled UK Event

Max 18+

Ganger’s Birthday Party On Mammoth

Max 35+

Unscheduled AUSIA Event

Max 21+

UK EPF Mission

Max 26+

AUSIA Training

Max 23+

EPF Training Mission

Max 30+

AUSIA Training Mission

Max 20+

US War Training 

Max 25+

Practice Battle Vs. Dark Warriors

Max 40+

AUSIA Tactics Session

Max 27+

[UK] Raid Of Breeze

Max 42+

Raid Of Snow Fort

Max 45+

Requested Top Ten Picture:

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

2 Responses

  1. I’m comin back. Chodes at LT.

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